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Highly effective and safe to use pesticides such as Fly Killer, Rat Killer, Mosquito Agarbatti, Cockroach Chalk...

An Introduction

Pests can infest the nicest and cleanest of homes by creating a habitat for themselves where they are not wanted. Not only they are bothersome and damage our goods, but they also pose as a serious threat to human life as they serve as a carrier of multiple diseases. Common pest problems includes mosquito, flies, rats, termites, ants, and bedbugs that can be done away with the products that we, Star Enterprises, offer. We are a Manufacturer and Supplier offering Pest Control and Insect Repellent products such as Fly Killer Powder, Rat Glue Traps, Ant And Cockroach Chalk, Termite and Bed Bug Spray, Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti and several others.

The pesticides we make are of good quality that are highly effective in getting rid of the insects and rodents. They are made of good quality organic chemicals that are safe to use as they do not leave behind any toxic chemical residue or strong odor that can cause difficulty in breathing. Owing to the superior quality of our products, they are availed by several clients across the country. We are also favored by our clients for the following facility we provide:

  • Complete range of pest control solutions
  • Competitive pricing of the range
  • Fulfillment of bulk orders
  • Timely delivery schedules

Keep Pests At Bay With Our Products

The rodents and insect repellents we make are formulated to keep them away. They have a highly specific action method that successfully eliminates the particular species, it is made to target. Our chemical engineers have formulated excellent products that are highly effective and prove to be useful each time without fail. We have made these products in various forms of sprays, cakes, solutions, chalks and sticks that can be used as per the user's convenience.

Quality Tested Products

The products that we offer are made after several tests and trials in our quality testing labs. There we conduct several experiments to check the effectiveness of the products. We also take care of the safety factor of the products and make sure that they are not harmful to humans and animals when used in their vicinity. Each batch of chemicals we process is tested by our quality inspectors who determine their standards by judging on various parameters.